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The Acu-Masseur
The RED string allows you to massage many hard-to-get muscles yourself !
(Shoulders (trapezius), Shoulder blade (scapula), arm, wrist, elbow, etc.)


Travel friendly packaging

Trapezius muscle heaven !

Known for being great on the
 Trapezius muscle - look at string !
Something you can do yourself !

Since 1980
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Taking Advantage of the Moment !
Propelling Yourself into Greatness !

One of the Best Complete Body Massagers
Not just for the shoulders and the neck, but for the whole body !

Incredible on the foot!

Great on the Sacrum !


By pulling the string, you
can reach the scapula !

All over the legs - hips, hamstrings, knee, calves

Acu-masseur on calf

Acu-masseur on knee

Acu-masseur on neck


Video Testimonials

Listen to what the people are saying they like about the Acu-Masseur


Great on the trapezius muscle, piriformis, occipitals, etc.

This is absolutely one of the very best and favorite tools for massage therapists and lay people alike. 
Have you ever had sciatic pain  with noone available to work on you?  Well, let the Acu-masseur roll the pain
right out of the piriformis muscles & glutes.  Trigger points in the traps - No problem !  Strip the TFL band. 
 This tool can also reach trigger points by lying on it, and then pulling up. 
 Great on the neck, shoulders, hamstrings, quads & arms.  Simply Awesome !

One of the speakers at a massage therapy show spoke at great length on the value of massaging the trapezius muscles.
  However, to do these points on yourself (in a stress-free way)  is next to impossible.  But now you CAN,
with the Acu-Masseur.  By using the red string, one can not only massage the trapezius muscles, but also the scapula,
 teres, lats & much more.  Definitely a favorite among many massage therapists !

The Acu-Masseur also massages and penetrates deeply
into the occipitals.  It can also perform wonders
by massaging the calves, hamstrings, arms, quads,
obliques, ribs, scapula or down the hips & legs.

“Experiment, and becomes its friend;
 and it will teach you all of its wondrous secrets.”

The Acu-masseur is one of the most unique massage tools on the planet.  A chiropractor in Florida
claims she can get rid of migraines all of the time with her patients.   Massage therapists rave about the points
on their shoulders that they can deeply massage by themselves.   People in pain or with fibromyalgia are
grateful for its existence.   Use it like you would yoga.  Get into a position with it, and then deeply
breathe and/or slowly move your muscles in a stretching motion, or slowly tweak the red balls of the
acu-masseurs as they hug and squeeze you.  Miracles abound.  Enjoy your new friend.

Since 1980
 Imported by:

Taking Advantage of the Moment !
Propelling Yourself into Greatness !

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Incredible do-it-yourself massager! 
Best shoulder massager in the universe!
The favorite massage tool of many chiropractors and massage therapists! 

Acu-Masseur on trapezius or rhomboid muscles - on lower back - on neck

December 2008 update on the Acu-masseur !
Read our 1-page flyer on the Acu-Masseur (updated Oct, 2008)
This 1 page flyer has all the new techniques demonstrated on it
 that have been learned by us in the last year.
New brochure on the Acu-Masseur, created April 06

A favorite among  Massage Therapists... 

This is a massage tool that one has to try to believe.
It can be thought of as the massage tool for massage therapists. Hard to get points on the shoulders and neck are easily accessed by the golf-ball like knobs and the bow-like Acu-Masseur.

By pulling the red string with one hand and drawing it from the back to the front, one can then set the position of the red knobs to wonderfully massage particular muscles such as the trapezius muscles and the rhomboids.
Holding both ends of the Acu-Masseur, without using the string, position the red knobs and hold a yoga position. Now, breathe slowly into the muscles the red knobs are holding and feel incredible releases.

After all, someone needs 
to massage the massage therapist!

Compact packaging
Complete directions with pictures on back

The Acu-masseur easily twists apart into three pieces less than 12" each,
making it easy to store and very travel friendly!

The Acu-Masseur is very well made with strong, durable materials and the highest quality workmanship.

A Note From Phil Wilson
president  of Momentum98 

“Experiment and become its friend. It will teach you all of its wondrous secrets.”

The Acu-Masseur is one of the most unique massage tools on the planet. A chiropractor in Florida claims she can relieve migraines for her patients just by using it. Massage therapists rave about the points on their shoulders which they can deeply massage by themselves.
People in pain or with fibromyalgia are grateful for its existence.

Use it like you would yoga. Get into a position with it and deeply breathe and/or slowly move
your muscles in a stretching motion while slowly tweaking the red knobs as they hug and squeeze you.

Miracles abound. Enjoy your new friend.

Trapezius Muscles & Rhomboids  (Shoulder Muscles Heaven)

A speaker at a recent regional Massage Therapy Show spoke in great length about the value of
 massaging the trapezius muscles.
However, to do these points on yourself (in a stress-free way),
it is next to impossible.
But now you can by using the Acu-Masseur!

When it comes to releasing pressure points on the neck and shoulders, there is nothing
comparable the Acu-Masseur.
Holding the “golf ball-like” knobs in place, grab the trapezius
or rhomboid muscles using the string and slowly move the neck in the opposite direction
lifting the chin up and down. In doing this, one can experience minor miracles in stretching.
Another technique is to wiggle the front Acu-Masseur handle across the chest, back and forth
 (not up and down) to experience other minor miracles in muscle tension release. 

Another chiropractor told me that if he uses the Acu-Masseur on the shoulder and slowly turns
 his neck to look in the other direction, it will stretch a muscle going from the shoulder to a muscle at the
end of the opposite eyeball. 
Again, the key is to allow the Acu-Masseur to teach you more and more.

A recent email testimonial:

"Hi there, I bought one of your Acu-Masseurs and I am convinced that it is one of the world's most perfect creations. I have shared it with a number of people, several of whom would like one..."

- S.W.

How to use the Acu-masseur:
By just experimenting with the Acu-Masseur, one can discover
many secret places on the body that can release tension when squeezed.

After grabbing the muscles in the neck, walk down the scalenes and gently, but firmly, squeeze the muscles. Then work up the neck and apply
pressure to the occipitals.

When in a squeezed position, breathe and feel tensions release. 
The shoulder muscles, including the rhomboids, trapezius, and a
number of other muscles, can be massaged by the Acu-Masseur.

NO OTHER massager can squeeze and hold the squeeze like the
original Acu-Masseur can. They stay put and massage the muscles
 in a way that only a professional body worker can.

It is made of high quality durable materials
that won't twist out of shape.


Acu-Masseur on Occipitals
Un-stressing the small of the Back
Acu-Masseur on Neck

Acu-Masseur on Quads
Massaging the Obliques
Using String on Shoulder Muscles 


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